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Whiplash is not a single injury. It is a group of symptoms involving parts of the neck and the spine that can be very painful. Our chiropractor at Cosh Chiropractic Care & Wellness Center in Redding is trained in how the parts of the body are interconnected and the best ways to relieve whiplash pain.


What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is caused by a severe jerking movement that sends the head whipping violently back and forth. That movement can damage discs, vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Whiplash often occurs as an auto accident injury, particularly after a rear-end collision. But it can be a sports or workers injury as well.

What are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

Patients with whiplash may be bothered by headache, jaw pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and arm or hand pain. They may also feel dizzy or irritable and are unable to concentrate or to sleep. Sometimes the symptoms don't present themselves until 48 hours or so after the injury or accident.

Your cervical spine, the formal name for your neck, is made up of a lot of different parts. It is strong enough to support your head and flexible enough to give you the freedom to turn from side to side. When you suffer from a whiplash injury your chiropractor will examine how all of the parts of your neck are working and what needs attention

How to Manage Whiplash Pain

Our chiropractor at Cosh Chiropractic Care & Wellness Center is an expert in natural pain management. Our doctor will assess your specific symptoms and develop a course of treatment that puts the body back into alignment and promotes pain-free movement. Our doctor may use imaging to get a closer look at what is going on with your neck and spine. Spinal adjustments, manipulation, massage therapy, and temperature therapy are all beneficial for patients suffering from whiplash pain. 

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor in Redding

You don't have to suffer silently from the personal injury that left you with whiplash pain. Make an appointment today with Cosh Chiropractic & Wellness Center. We bring relief to our patients in Redding, Trinity County, Cottonwood, Mt. Shasta, Shingletown, Redbluff, Chico, Susanville, Anderson, and Fall River Mill. Our patients have counted on us for the last 20 years to live their best, pain-free lives. For more information on chiropractic care for whiplash, call our office today.


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