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Headaches and Migraines

Many people have experienced the aches and pains that come with headaches and migraines. However, over-the-counter medications are not a permanent solution to the pain.


Our chiropractors at Cosh Chiropractic Care and Wellness Center help treat headaches and migraines. The first step towards eliminating headaches is understanding them. There are several different types of headaches that are commonly treated with chiropractic services.

Cervicogenic Headaches 

Cervicogenic headaches come from pain starting in your neck. These headaches can be treated through spinal manipulation. Our chiropractors will also help you with neck exercises to strengthen your neck muscles to better support your head to prevent these headaches.


Migraines are extremely painful and often long-lasting headaches. They come with other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, dizziness, and nausea. Migraine pain can be lessened using trigger point therapy or neuromuscular massages. Our chiropractors can also help with stress management techniques that may help you manage your migraines.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are common. They can be triggered by stress or tenderness in your shoulders and neck. If you frequently suffer from tension headaches, our chiropractors can help. A technique called low-load craniocervical mobilization is used to relieve pressure. This is a gentler version of spinal manipulation.

Headache Prevention

Headaches are difficult to avoid. However, headaches typically have triggers. You may be able to adjust your lifestyle to avoid these triggers. At Cosh Chiropractic, we will help you identify what triggers your headaches or migraines. Using our chiropractic services will help alleviate your headaches.

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